Prescribing Medications Using OA-Rx

OA-Rx is Office Ally's new, free electronic prescribing service available in EHR 24/7 and Practice Mate. This video explains how to search for, review, transmit, and print medication prescriptions using OA-Rx.


  1. Is there a way to upload our current pharmacy locations in to the new system?

    Katherine Noeller DPM, 3 years ago.

  2. @ Katherine: Pharmacies will need to be entered into OA-Rx, and cannot be imported via file or from Newcrop. An easy way to retrieve the information from your Newcrop Pharmacy List would be to copy and paste it into a file on your computer, save it, and enter it in OA-Rx after the transition.

    Office Ally, 3 years ago.

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